Radio Frequency Ablation Reduces Tissue

Get Rid of Your CPAP & Take Control of Your Sleep Apnea

  • Simple, Safe & Effective

    Simple, Safe & Effective

    For many, a simple good night's rest is all they're after, and with our non-surgical treatment options, YOU CAN SLEEP BETTER!

  • Serious Health Risks Beyond Snoring

    Serious Health Risks Beyond Snoring

    Know and understand the full health impacts of Obstructed Sleep Apnea if untreated.

  • Tired of Your CPAP Machine?

    Tired of Your CPAP Machine?

    Annoying, bulky, and restrictive, no one 'loves' their CPAP. Now is the time to get rid of it.

The Sleep Apnea Cure that Delivers Results

Understanding your sleep apnea treatment options.

As an Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) sufferer, you know the risks of OSA, and if you’re using a CPAP device you also know how uncomfortable, claustrophobic, and irritating they are to wear every night while you’re trying to sleep—not to mention the hassle of lugging it around while traveling.

Options for treatment range from invasive surgeries, to complicated machines, and even some lifestyle changes, however none are 100% effective and without risk.

Until now…

Fortunately, there’s a non-surgical treatment option that has been proven effective in treating mild to moderate cases of OSA for sleep apnea sufferers. Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) is a simple, painless, non-surgical treatment procedure that uses radio wave energy to shrink the tissue at the back of the tongue that blocks your airway and causes OSA.

How to cure sleep apnea with RFA treatment

RFA treatment relieves the potential for airway blockage that causes the snoring, breathing disruption, and lack of a good night’s sleep that are associated with untreated OSA.

With RFA treatment, patients suffering from mild to moderate OSA can often get rid of their CPAP masks forever. In some cases, and especially with more severe OSA, RFA treatment can make using a CPAP mask more tolerable, due to lower air pressure settings required after the RFA procedure.